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'Why to vape', taste-great,Hello, everyone

“If” you are reading this then you might Enjoy it as well as me. “Why to vape” I started off just wanted to quit smoking cigarettes. So I could breathe better to improve my health. Just wanting to be able to run and play with my kids more. “Health benefits” all thou vaping still has nicotine in it. And does not got tar, with all other bad stuff.

Just wanting to add “years” to my life. Do not won’t Heart, Lungs, problems Started seeing shortness of breath. Not getting any younger, I do not want wrinkles. Their going to come anyways.

The enjoyment of vape,

When I got my first vape. Then I had found something I really like. The taste got me and I didn’t small like smoke. So then I started looking in to it a little deeper. Could I save money. With vaping like everything in life we pay for it. But when it comes down to it. Way cheaper than cigarettes. /p>

How it brings people together “Family” Friends, “The new people you are going to meet, Looking for right “E-juice” “tanks”,”mods”, etc. The different vape shops, “Cloud Chasing” Its very fun. Becoming a very big sport, vape, ring yes! Wanting to do it learning tricks. Even invited a few of my own.

“If” you are anything like me. “When” it comes to electronics mods. The way to go. “VW”CCW, SS, Ni, TI, TCR , M1,TCR-M2, Then you also got BYPASS. These are different settings that are on most of them. It very’s for brand to brand.

Coils, E-juice-what make it happen

“When” it comes to coils, there are many types of them. First you got mod which has a fire button on it. With most of them to turn on hit fire button 5 times. Then 3 to lock or unlock, This is key As you hit fire button it will convert, energy from battery to coil, Which is inside of tank. This is what hold E-juice or E-liquid, as coil get hot, it will then put off vapor to “Enjoy”Why-to-vape-E-juice-coils

E-juice, you got, Milk by the Pound Shrines, Anchor, LostArt, Mystic, Naked, PopCloud, Cloud Fantasy, BombBomb, Most of these Are mixed at, 70/30. 60Ml 3mg 2fl oz, Some 100ml, 80vg/20pg, 3MG,(3.3FL oz).Here is to name a few. Also, can get about any flavor you want a very big range. The taste you desire.

“Why to Why not,

  • Health
  • Breath, wrinkles
  • looks
  • Taste
  • Cloud Chasing
  • Money
  • Fun
  • Bring People Together,
  • No Ashes
  • No risk of burning clothes, House, etc
  • No Second Hand Smoke.
  • Saving Money
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Conversations with non-Smokers
  • Smells
  • Enjoyment.
  • Why not to, cons
  • Dry, Mouth
  • Allergic, Reaction Flavor, food E-juice
  • Battery, batteries Safety
  • No long term Data,

Making a choice for it or not.

Here I talk about, why to vape, or why not. Everything in life has it ups and its downs, Good, and Bad, True and False. What I am saying “If” you are over “The” age by law, depending on state which you live 18 to 21. And trying to quit smoking, Better your health,

“If” you like, Fruit, Dessert, Food, Beverages, Tobacco and Menthol, You can taste and have any of your favorite Flavors with in a vape.Fruits-food-candy-to-enjoy

There’s Myth’s and rumors about Everything in life, But as of today there is no. Research about vaping affects “The” body, Opinions are not clear on this at all. Research are we at risk this is also not clear.

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Thanks, for reading

Timothy Guth

2 thoughts on ““Why to vape”- Enjoyment, Bring-People-Together,

  1. I learned a lot from this post on ‘Why to Vape,’ as this is a topic I know nothing about. I learned the benefits are to: help quit smoking, to breath easier, to improve health so your can play with your kids and socialize with families.
    Then I learned that vaping still has nicotine in it, but no tar or bad stuff…
    I’m wondering what the nicotine content is compared to mainstream cigarettes?
    Is the nicotine amount enough so you don’t get withdrawal issues when changing from cigarettes to vapes?
    I’ve never been to my local vaping shop. But your post has made me decide that I’ll plan a visit soon.
    Thank you for your very informative post

  2. This post gives me quite a bit of information about the “vape”. It`s good that you share what are the good things and the bad about it.
    But what I am wondering about is the cost of this, is it expensive?
    Thanks for sharing this article.
    All the best!

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