“Vape tanks for mods”-Different types of tanks/how they work.


There all types of “vape tanks for mods”. Each one of them have got their ups and downs now. I’m going to talk about a few of them. In the vaping world it’s a must need. What good would it be to have a mod with no tank. Not much good. There are all different types. Each one have got different coils and with each one give you a different taste.

Here we go the uwell crown 4 vape tank. Horizon tech falcon mesh sub ohm tank. Smok TFV8 baby V2. Aspire Cleito. Vaporesso Renvengerx tank that I really like.

Getting only the best tank. Can be a task at first. When you are a new going through tanks finding Mr, our Miss right. But for us it a must.

Revengerx tank from/Vaporesso

The taste that you get from this tank to me is one of the finest out their. When, it comes down to the different types of coils you can use in this. With Pyrex glass reinforcement. 510 connection, drip tip. 55mm Height 26.5mm diameter. 2ml juice space the top rolls easy so you can feel quickly.


  • 0.3 ohm GT CCell core-rated for 25W-40W
  • 0.4ohm GT2 core rated 40W-80W 
  • 0.15 ohm GT4 core range 30-70W 
  • 0.2ohm GT6 core range 40W-130 Watts 
  • 0.15 ohm GT8 core-rated 50W-110 watts

As, we look at each one of these. We see that in each of these are different. GT CCell 25W-40W is good for the newbie. GT2 40W-80W newbie and the freshman. As well as the 30W-70W GT4. Now the 0.2 ohm GT6 is more for the junior And seniors vapor. This is also for 0.15 ohm Gt8 core-rated 50W-110 watts. This is just my opinion.

All opinions different as well. But a starting point knowledge to no.

Ijoy “Diamond”-Vape tanks for mods.

The ijoy “Diamond” coils exceptionally built atomizer “Fantasied” flavors and taste. Mid range wattage. Give the performance you desire. It has a 180⁰ fast screw off cap big space to feel no licking. Quality is a very big part for me. Quality of I ijoy “Diamond” is on the top ranks for me. E-juice you use in this fine work of art. Stays fresh to the end of every tank. Has a “Diamond” cut Airflow is a beautiful piece as well as the top one as well.

Simple to adjust and will stay in place. Use of the coils their different types. With the ijoy family on the

Coil system,

  • DM-C1M (0.35 ohm 35-80W)
  • DM-C2M (0.3ohm 60W-100W) 
  • DM-DM (0.15ohm 40W-90W) 
  • DMB mesh (0.15ohm 40-90W) 
  • DMB C1 (0.3ohm 35-70W) 
  • DMB C2 (0.2ohm 40W-80W) 
  • DMB mesh (0.18ohm 40W-80W) 

This is what wrote on the box. I use the DM-DM (0.15ohm 40-90W) in this device. It holds “Amazing” flavor. Temperature set around 55⁰-75⁰ degrees you just can not beat.

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Aspire Cleito/About the Cleito

This is one that I started off with. It has a wide bore tip on it but still a fine piece of work. 120 maxi watt 2Ml capacity space. For any of the amazing e-juice you like to run in it. Standing at a Height of 58mm striking 25mm across in diameter.

Stainless steel construction wide bore drip tip. Top cap is ridged cut for easy removal. No leaking or daring in my e-juice after long time of setting around. Performance is also strong.

  • 0.16ohm (60w-70w)
  • 0.15ohm 120 mesh coils 60w-75w 

This was a starter tank for me. I have got it still and use it time to time.

UWell Crown4 sub ohm tank

Sub-ohm tank, Crown4. With the ultimate top fill, 6Ml max capacity space if you like get the 5Ml glass straight.

54.8mm in height 25.7mm across in the diameter. This is also made with stainless still material, The platform base with massive Airflow, coil, E-liquid glass, TopCap, DripTip, 6 different colors.

Also, a very flexible tank. Why top cap 90⁰and it off. Anything that can clean it self the patented technology make it very flexible. Mesh coils, press fit leak free not to say the helix mesh, 510 Threads make this flexible, durable, long-lasting “Great”.Vape-tanks-for-mods

Coils for the “Crown4

  • 0.4ohm Dual SS904L 60W-70W
  • 0.2ohm Dual SS904L 70-80W 
  • 0.23ohm FeCrAl un2 mesh 60W-70 watts

Stainless steel these will only work with mods that have SS mode as when getting these you need to make sure your mod is compatible. Understand this their all types of tanks out their. And some of them will not function, Just because their not compatible. With ever mod.

Horizon Tech Falcon Artison Edition/ Sub-ohm

This is another sub-ohm tank that Other people love as well as me. Which has a nice brilliantly “Finished”, Stylish Touch. Made unparalleled to the other of it kind in it, s family. Bigger than most other 7Ml Bubble glass containing E-juice space 28mm one of the widest. The base is at 25.2mm wide comparing to other that just hold 6ml,5ml,2ml with this it will hold up to 7ml of juice so u do not haft to fill it 3 and four time a day.

The o-ring are “great”, I have had no lacking at all.

Features our.

  • 7ml max E-juice capacity
  • Dual Button Adjustable AirFlow 
  • Stereoscopic Artisan Resin Finish 
  • Gold Plated 510 connection 
  • 510 Artisan Resin DripTip 

Coils used

  • Mi 0.15ohm (60W-80W)
  • F1 0.2ohm (60W-80W) 
  • M2 0.16ohm (70W-80W) 
  • M-Triple mesh 0.15ohm (80W-85W)

This is a top of the line tank. Accommodate all your vaping need the cost it is not to high. Will last a very long time just replace the coils when you feel the need and vape!

When,it comes to the tank.


  • Increased Vapor
  • Increases Flavor
  • massive clouds
  • warm clouds
  • Big Flavor
  • Taste


  • spit back
  • Depletes batteries

In all of these I can fine good out of all of them. The technology is up to par. With all of these you do not haft to build them which come with the RDA, RDT, In all that I have talk about. Just screw in and vape. Extremely sophisticated technology, At the end of the day. How does it the best fit you.

Here are some tips, exclusive for best optimize the performance. For all of these tanks a few things to know. A high-class vape coil has a low electrical resistance. Requires high operational wattage means it will heat up really quick and low wattage requirements. All in all fine the one that fits you get a mod that will work with SS, Ni,Ti,TC, Get something you can enjoy


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