“Best mods for vaping” / Revenge x / Drag.

The Drag and the RevengerX to open this I’m going to tell u why they are the “best mods for vaping”. From the way they feel in your hand. To the great taste they put off with each hit you get off of them. Was a beginner at one time And not knowing how or what was the fines of vaping.

Vaping has become part of my every day lifestyle. Not only for me but. The thousand everywhere on earth.Best-mods-for-vaping

Drag and why

It like this to me. The way it feels in your hand is a big part for me. They are easy to keep a grip on and not drop it. The way it hit when you are vaping smooth with a great taste. And got a 177 w to where you can set it to your likening. But the coil range is very Come with one that runs 40w to 80w. Best tasting around 65w. I’ve dropped it over and over And not broke it.

Revenger x why as well.

I set here and look at this Can come up with mine reasons why. It comes with ten different settings very compatible. In hand, pocket, coat. Just where ever it feels good the look of it is great. Got a clock on it so people like me that don’t like to wear a watch. It even got touch screen and very easily used. It also comes with a USB cord for on the go charge. The fire button simply to use as well. And comes with 220w and 5 different coils types. Get the most of it. Absolutely fantastic taste, temp control and much more.

Drag mod why part 2

This is made from zinc alley and has carbon fiber accent panel. Their tough and efficient. The TC box mod has. Outstanding 0.0025 second fire Custom settings. Set and reach your every vaping need. 5 different modes this is also got a Gene chip for supper output with in the settings high quality performance.

Popular everywhere and very dependable. Put the batteries in and vape. Set it to where it works best to you. And you like it. You can not go wrong with this.

Revengerx why part 2

The comprehensive output. VW and VT the tank is great at 5Ml capacity incredible device with incredible power to go along with the Gt core coils. 5 different kinds the Gt CCell 25w to 40w on the lower end to say. Then you got the Gt 2 40 to 80w more so for the beginner. Then you got the Gt4 30 to 70 watts. Best used around 40 to 50w. Then you got the Gt6 it a 40 to 130w coil. Best used around 70w to 90w the best taste. Get the Gt8 60 to 80w it’s very good around 55w just to have the ability to get these makes for this being the best mods for vaping.

Very easy to use out standing. You can not beat the look. Tank is great with a smooth taste. Power range from 5w to 220w. Just the ability to adjust very easy. The touchscreen with a clock on it and you can leave the clock on it or you can set it to where you can see what you are vaping on.<a target=”_blank” href=”https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1342560&amp;u=2065623&amp;m=71617&amp;urllink=&amp;afftrack=”><img src=”https://static.shareasale.com/image/71617/ejuice-connect-cloud-nurdz-960×540.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”Cloud Nurdz 100ml $10.99 ejuice connect” /></a>

The temperature range is off the hook if you are a newbie you can set it as low as you need. And then if you are like me you can turn it up. 220 watts o my. What else do you need.

Vapeing with the Drag / Revengerx

The pros about the Drag.

  • Wight in the hand and solid.
  • Gene chip hits quick
  • price is great really nice.
  • Power/voltages modes easy to use.
  • Metal button
  • If need use for protecting
  • Durability and tough

The cons of Drag.

  • Edges are a little tough
  • Only use 18650s,
  • Edit can be a little hard
  • Tc mode don’t like it but I don’t use it.

Revengerx pros

  • It feels very nice to me.
  • The touchscreen.
  • Clock
  • How many different coils you can use
  • Fire button simple.
  • Strong and easy to use.
  • Weight not to heavy.
  • Temperature controls range 100C⁰-315c⁰ to 600F
  • Votage/Range 0V-8.5V. Really great!
  • Charging time indicators
  • 5ml tank space.
  • Adjustable Airflow.
  • 5w up to 220w

Revengerx cons

  • Battery do not come with it.
  • Battery do not have a strip to pull them out.
  • The touchscreen button could use a little work.

High powered, sub-ohm vaping not letting it bring them down. With 8 tier vibration adjustment the OMNI board. Made with material: stainless steel. And a 510 Threaded can move from modes to vaping really easy. I have been through different types of mods and put them to the test.

When it comes to me,when I need to get a new coil so with this it got a counter that counts each vape so you know about when to get a new one. When it’s dark outside, I can see the time on the screen. I’ve read mine other review. Their not much I can find anywhere. That make me feel any different I’ve had not only the five coils that you can get for it. But have used all types of different tanks on as well.

That is for the both of them. And by that I mean that I have used  RTA,RDA Just go in to your setting on it and put it to where it suite you best. I know that their critics and criticism everywhere. This is true but it also life. I can tell you that you do not haft to believe my words. But if you are new to this or if you are not. Reach and get one or the both of them for the price you can not go wrong at all.  Enjoy something you will love try it I did. Check do some searching  of your own you will see for yourself. Try it out you can not go wrong with anyone of these.


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