About Tim

Hello, Dear friends

My Name is Tim Guth, Just like to tell you all a little about me. I’m 40 years  old an a father  of “7, Wonderful  children  an one “Amazing” wife of 20 years.

“I” also have for 3 brother that my wonderful  mother  raised  all by her self. God rest her soul with this said. I’m going to share just all little more about me.

I started trying the on line thing in 2009. But come to fine out. That most of it was for someone else’s gain an not much help at all. But driven by something deep in side. An a father “dream’s” To be a “Great” father. And not gave up.

Even thow ever road has holes in it their is a way. With the right help THROUGH wealthy affiliate my feet are on the right path. I want to be that father that my kids deserve.

Now if you are one of thow people that want better for your family you can to. If you have any questions  or comments at all. Leave it blow or Email  me.  guthtimothy7@gmail.com

Why I want to help other it easy. (Change ways change life’s) Just being able to help one may help millions.


TImothy Guth